Lekker Boois – Perri Hoenner

Boois Weekend II

Our looong awaited 2nd Boois Weekend was upon us! And 5 days before we were to leave we still had no idea where we were heading! It was Gav’s turn to organise, and he left us in the dark till the last minute. We eventually got a general direction (NNW) out of him. So at least we were not heading to sea!

A couple of days before it was time to leave he came through with the details:

  1. On Friday we head out north on the N7 to Marcuskraal, just north of Citrusdal
  2. On Saturday morning we will do the 4×4 trail at Marcuskraal
  3. Saturday afternoon head out to Bushman’s Cave
  4. Sunday morning do a trail or two at Bushman’s Cave
  5. Sunday afternoon head to Scheppie Saus & do their 4×4 trail on Monday morning.
  6. Then home.

And one more surprise, Hennie & Pops, the old timers will also be joining on this trip.

Friday 10 November we leave Cape Town. We head north on the N7 towards Marcuskraal just on the other side of Citrusdal. En-route we stop at the Piketberg Spur Grill & Go. Burgers all round!

We arrived at Marcuskraal with plenty of daylight left. While some of us relaxed on the campsite Pops (the oldest) went to climb a nearby koppie.

We decided to camp under the stars that night. No need for pitching tents and packing up in the morning. Tomorrow we will do the 4×4 route.

Saturday – Time for the 4×4 Route

We wake up early, not due to anyone’s snoring for a change, but because the sun is up. Time to pack the cars & head to the trail. We are joined by another vehicle and we head out.

Marcuskraal Route

From the route info above as displayed in Tracks 4 Africa, you will notice only 2 sections with warnings. The trail is relatively easy going except for these. But with care they are easily navigated.

At the 1st section we deflated tyres to 1bar and proceeded. If not for a lack of attention we would have passed with no effort, but Swaerie (1) decided that looking around at the scenery is more important than focusing on the road ahead. So he got a little bit hung up on a rock. But we solved that quite easily by just reversing the Cruiser downhill, hooking up a tow strap & proceeding.

The scenery is magnificent!

We also found a nice lookout point & camp spot on the route. The pictures speak the words needed.

We finished the route, headed back to camp and took a quick dip in the pool. It is time to head out to Bushman’s Cave, and we still needed to replenish stock in Clanwilliam.

Marcuskraal to Bushmans Cave

We arrive at Bushman’s Cave with plenty of sunlight left. The two old ballies decided it’s time for an afternoon nap so we proceed with lighting a fire, easing into the evening and just mucking about.

Sunday – Play Time

Bushman’s Cave offers four 4×4 trails. Well actually a nice play area in a dry river bed, a scenic drive and two 4×4 routes. We played a bit in the river bed and then headed out to what we thought to be a 4×4 route. It was the scenic drive,  where this time I managed to hang the Cruiser up on a small rock. Mainly thanks to listening to my co-pilot Swaerie (2) as to which line to take. At this point I realised I had not engaged 4×4. But alas… it was too late.

Gavin at this point thought it a good idea to suck on the exhaust! 🙂

In no time we had the Cruiser of the little rock and headed over Brand se Berg Pass back to Clanwilliam and on to lunch. We were hoping for lunch in Graafwater, but forgot it was a Sunday. So on we went to Isabella’s in Lamberts Bay. It was a feast!

Lambertsbay Lunch

We left Lamberts Bay, now wanting to get to Scheppie Saus. The day was getting long. So I said “Follow me, I know a short cut!”  Well that turned out to be shorter and more scenic, but took a little while ..erm longer. We turned right at Sandberg Station, followed the railway line and ended on a 2 spoor, which eventually got us back on a tar road on the way to Scheppie Saus. Once we got there though, all was forgiven… I think. Hennie got excited when he saw European Bee Eaters, Yes it is a bird, but one beauty!

We woke late on Monday, so we canned the idea of doing the 4×4 trail, but Scheppie Saus is one place we will return to. It has magnificent views, a great host and a great camp site.

So we decide to return home, but not before our host arranged for us to go via the neighbouring farm and Kaptein’s Kloof. This is a must drive.

Little did I know at this time that it would be my last trip in Donkie, my trusted Cruiser.

I will leave this entry here with one or two more random pics.